A variety of after school clubs are offered to pupils in the Primary section.  The clubs run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:40pm to 4:30pm.

To enrol your child please speak to Ms Aisha in the Primary section. In September and January, letters are sent out to enrol students prior to the new term starting. If there are spaces in a club your child can join at any time.

On this page you will find details on the clubs offered by the Primary section during the academic year.

Please would you ensure that payment is made prior to the club starting each term, to secure your child’s place. The school does not make any profit from the clubs; we rely on payment from all parents/carers to meet the costs. Any money left over is used to fund activities for the children.


Colouring Club - Reception
Book Club - Year 1
Movie Club - Year 2
Origami Club - Year 3
Dance Club - Year 4
Drama Club - Year 5
Arabic Reading Club - Year 6


Arabic Handwriting Club - Reception
Arabic Story Club - Year 1
Handwriting Club - Year 2
Media Studies Club - Year 3
Stories of the Sahaba Club - Year 4
Film Club - Year 5
Programming Club - Year 6