Admissions Application Form

This form is to be completed by all those with parental responsibility for the child. Please complete this form in English and make a required payment of £100 as a non-refundable registration fee (unless you have confirmed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will meet this fee). Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Note: Students admitted to The King Fahad Academy will be placed with their peer group according to age. Students entering Nursery must be three years old by the 31st of August of the year of entry. Those entering Reception must be four years old by the 31st of August of the year of entry, and those entering Year One must be five years old by the 31st of August of the year of entry. Full details of the admissions process and conditions of enrolment can be found in the published Admissions Policy, available on the School website.

Please email a copy of the following documents to

Your child’s most recent school reports (at least 2 years)

Your child’s birth certificate and photograph page of their passport (and any visa, if applicable)

One passport sized photograph of your child

Your child’s National Identity Card (Saudi nationals only)

Please note that the Academy will be closed from Monday 19th July - Wednesday 25th August.  We aim to process any applications after our return and will reply to you accordingly.   Please email a copy of the required documents to the address below.