Language Support

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Many of our pupils arrive with a moderate to good levels of English but need quickly to develop language skills which enable them to access our curriculum for which the language of instruction is English.  Support for this transition is provided across all areas of the curriculum but also comes from our EAL team who support pupils whose need is such a twelve week immersion programme is put in place for them.  This enables their English language to be encouraged and scaffolded in order to work confidently alongside their colleagues.  

Arabic and an Additional Language (AAL)

We welcome pupils to the Academy regardless of their mother tongue or their proficiency in any language.  However, a strong and confident ability in the use of the Arabic language gives our pupils a strong advantage in the practice of their faith as well as in the wider world of work and study.  There is an AAL programme for all pupils concerned available for Arabic as well as lessons which concentrate on the study of the Islamic faith.


The development of literacy skills is key to the success of our pupils and this is reinforced through the provision of a structured reading programme available to all.  Additional support is provided where assessment reveals a need to develop stronger reading skills and this provided by class and subject teachers supported by a team of reading intervention teachers.