Pupil Welfare

Pupil Well Being Team​

Dedicated to the welfare of all pupils this Team works collaboratively across the Academy so that support is available at any time there is a need.  Listening and guidance are at the heart of this process – and also encouragement to achieve the highest standards in personal conduct and engagement.

SEND Support​

All pupils are closely monitored and observed by their teachers so that appropriate support can be offered at all stages of their learning.  Where necessary this can be augmented by additional learning support and, following further assessment, special educational needs support.


The King Fahad Academy (KFA) is proud to offer a counselling service for all students between Nursery and the Year 13. This is run by school counsellors who are available throughout term time to help manage the psychological well-being of all students at the KFA.

Careers Guidance​

Here at the King Fahad Academy we aim to cater and support career interest, provide independent advice and work towards fulfilling the Gatsby Foundation’s eight benchmarks of good careers guidance and in line with CEIAG expectations.