Our Vision

The King Fahad Academy brings together the best of Islamic education with the best of British education in order to be an exemplary and professional learning community where pupils reap the benefits of a broad, balanced and faith-based education.


As a result, the Academy aims to offer all its pupils full access to the UK National Curriculum alongside a rich strand of Arabic and Islamic studies. This programme of study and all that we do is designed to bring about a combination of academic achievement and development within the ethos and values of the Islamic faith. Throughout this journey of learning, pupils, staff and parents, are encouraged to Keep Focused Always.

Building on their knowledge of their own faith, we aim to cultivate in our community (staff, pupils and parents), an understanding and open-minded attitude towards other cultures and beliefs. We fully endorse and promote the Fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different cultures, religions and beliefs. We believe that this approach equips our pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills to appreciate and thrive in today’s increasingly globalised and multicultural world.