Key Stage 5

The requirements for entry to the KFA Sixth Form are: a minimum of four ‘A’ grades and three ‘B’ at GCSE. Experience has shown that in order to achieve a good grade at ALevel in some subjects, it may be necessary to have obtained at least a ‘B’, and often an ‘A’ grade, at GCSE or
equivalent qualifications. Students wishing to study the BTEC are able to gain admission and are advised talk to their subject teacher and/or the Head of Department for further clarifications. Clearly, students are expected to demonstrate considerable initiative, study skills, personal interest and time management. These are the prerequisites for success in studies and in careers.

Choice of Subjects

English Literature
Arabic A Level
Geography (AQA)
Psychology (AQA)
A level Art
A Level Drama
A Level DT
BTEC Business
BTEC Travel and Tourism
BTEC Creative Media
BTEC Computing

You may download the Sixth Form (Key Stage 5) curriculum booklet linked below for a detailed look at the subject offering.

Sixth Form Curriculum Booklet