The King Fahad Academy is MYP authorised

Following on from the recent IB verification visit, The King Fahad Academy is officially authorised to implement the IB Middle Years Programme [MYP] effective from October 2015.

This is exciting news and a huge milestone in the history of the KFA. We now have three IB programmes in place: PYP, MYP and the DP linked together forming a continuum of international education programme from the International Baccalaureate.

The KFA community is pleased to join the 1,149 schools in 101 countries implementing the MYP world-wide!

With the MYP now in place, we should easily identify outstanding teaching and learning; broad and balanced curriculum content facilitated by the eight subject groups. Moreover, the MYP curriculum framework enables pupils to push beyond the boundaries of content acquisition to related processes that support the all-round development of pupils. Thus we should see more of our pupils becoming good communicators by virtue of the IB learner profile attributes, but also excel in collaboration and self-management.

Keeping academic progress in sight, inquiry approach to teaching in the MYP also creates the right condition within and outside the classroom to promote creative and lateral thinking. The emphasis of MYP on approaches to learning, global context, interdisciplinary teaching, personal project and community service would prepare our boys and girls to make connection between their learning and the real world, improve their intercultural and global understanding, and acquire lifelong skills for the 21st century.


Mohammed Baba

MYP coordinator