Safaruk Chowdhury

Name: Safaruk Chowdhury

Title: Humanities Team Co-ordinator, Tutor in History and Religious Studies, IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Co-ordinator


Building: Girls Upper School


I studied Philosophy at Kings College London and then in 2002 travelled to Cairo where I eventually stayed and enrolled to study traditional Islamic sciences at al-Azhar University. I returned to London in 2005 to complete my Masters Degree in Islamic Studies with distinction. I am currently on a doctoral programme at SOAS University, specialising in Khurāsānian Sufism. I also taught philosophy and Islamic Studies at Birkbeck College and SOAS for a few years.

I have translated classical Islamic works into English and I am now working on numerous academic projects.

I joined the Academy in 2009 as teacher in both IGCSE History and Religious Studies. I also teach IB History Route 1 and was made Humanities Team Leader and Co-ordinator of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) the following year. All my subjects continue to both challenge and educate me. The subjects I teach as well as the engaging nature of the students provide me with an enduring stimulus to continue teaching at this level.

Teaching Interests:  Philosophy, Islamic Mysticism, and Islamic Law

Personal Interests: Football, martial arts, reading, travelling

Qualifications:  B.A., A.K.C. M.A. MPhil, PhD (current)