Bayan Mahmood

Name: Bayan Mahmood

Title: Head of Girls Section


Telephone: 020 8762 9019; 020 8743 0131 Ext: 221; 0788 649 1796

Office Hours: 7:30 am -7:00 pm

Room:  GL5

Building: Girls’ section, Ground Floor


I joined the Academy in 2001 as a Chemistry teacher. Over the years, I have taught Physics, Biology, Geology and Mathematics to Grades 4-12. I was then promoted to Deputy Head of the Girls’ School, and after two years to the Head of the Girls’ School with full responsibility for the day-to-day activities. This role includes supporting and maintaining high standards of an IB, bilingual, faith- based school in the area of health, safety, education of all pupils, and professional development for staff enrolled in the Girls’ Section. Furthermore, my leadership of the Girls’ Section involves synergy and cooperation with the Boys’ Section to run a parallel system to promote and implement the philosophy and vision of the school.

Teaching Interests:  Chemistry & Mathematics

Personal Interests: Charity work, Counselling, and Reading scientific articles/journals

Qualifications:  B.Sc. (Chemistry); MA (Leadership and Management); ILMP (International Leadership and Management Programme Certificate).