Science Week Award Ceremony 2019

Science Week Award Ceremony 2019

British Science Week was concluded with a recognition of the fantastic achievements of our students in the areas of Science & Technology. This KFA annual award ceremony was organised by the Science department, delivered by our students and attended by parents, the upper school, and distinguished guests. IB students volunteered to be the masters of ceremony – they proudly rose to the occasion! 

This year we have seen our keen and talented students participate in various activities, Science Fair, trips and explorations in various sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Sport Science, Science, Integrated Science, organized by the Science Department. It has been a stimulating and exciting year for pupils and staff. 


Abdulghani Alharbi, Director General:

Thank you for your invitation to the KFA Science Fair 2019, celebrating British Science week. It was with pleasure to attend this event. I was  highly impressed with the student’s performance and the confidence they displayed while presenting their works. Congratulations to you and all the teachers and technicians in the Science Department,  looking forward to  more  successful events.’

Mark Dunning, Director of Education:

‘ A well organised and enjoyable event and those presenting were knowledgeable and welcoming.  An excellent celebration.’

Bayan Mahmood, Head of Upper School:

‘I would like to extend my thanks and sincere gratitude to you all for your outstanding hard work and efforts throughout the Science Week. The assembly was wonderful. A range of activities and presentations were shown, demonstrating high-quality learning and skills from the students. The IBDP students’ involvement and leadership qualities were impressive. The topics were truly multidisciplinary and the nominees and winners represent a wide spectrum of students from grade 6 to IB Diploma.’

Dr Brotati Veraitch, Head of Science:

‘Thank you so much for the kind words. It is encouraging for us and the students, who worked so hard. The IB1 students worked constantly at it and took care of every single detail with the science week and the assembly. All students across the grades were eager to take on responsibility and supported each other throughout the science week.

It would not have been possible without the support of everyone and thank you so much for being there to celebrate their effort and achievement.’ 

Mohammed Baba, IBDP Coordinator:

‘As the grande finale of the Science Week Event 2019, the Science Award Assembly fully involved and engaged Science teachers, Science Technicians, Support Staff and the entire Students. As observed by the Head Teacher and Mr Behairy, it is truly satisfying to see students actively involved in experiments, demonstrations and presentations from grade 6 to IBDP. It is equally important to observe them reflecting on their action and the high quality of their analysis and problem-solving skills.’

James Nevin, MYP Coordinator:

‘Thank you for the great presentations and the science week fair that teachers and students prepared! It was especially nice to see our past students visit the academy to share what they are doing with the school and provide inspiration for our students!’

Abdelgayed Behairy, Head of Arabic:

‘I shall use one word to sum up my view of the Science Award Assembly and presentations: sublime! Many thanks to you and your team. The occasion was a testament to all the hard work, passion and dedication.’