Our Houses Approach to SMSC

On Friday 6th March, 2015, the Upper School students in their Houses made presentations on British Values. The presentations included power point slides, research on standpoints of major religions, role play, quizzes and video interviews.

The students clearly demonstrated their tremendous learning journey over the course of the spring term as evidenced by the excellent presentations. The following themes were explored by the respective Houses:

Boys                                                                                    Girls                                                    Theme

Oxford                                                                                 Blue                                                       Honesty & Integrity

Princeton                                                                            Yellow                                                   Diversity

Harvard                                                                               Green                                                   Resilience

Cambridge                                                                          Red                                                        Tolerance


The Upper School will now continue their work on British Values with a series of assemblies on life in the UK by IB1 students under the guidance of Ms. Sulafa. We believe a proactive and student centred approach to teaching British values is both an effective and enjoyable learning experience for our pupils.

The following themes will be explored in the coming weeks:

Theme                                                                                                                                  Date

“What is the UK?” & “The values and Principles of the UK”                           11 March, 2015


“A Long and Illustrious History”                                                                                  25th March, 2015


“A Modern, Thriving Society”                                                                                     22nd April, 2015


“The UK Government the Law and your Role”                                                    6th May, 2015