National Science and Engineering Week at the King Fahad Academy

18th of March to 22nd of March, 2013

“A good scientist is a person in whom the childhood quality of perennial curiosity lingers on. Once he gets an answer, he has other questions” by Frederick Seitz.

At the King Fahad Academy all students and teachers are actively participated in National Science and engineering week. Several activities were organized by pupils to explore ‘Inventions and accidental discoveries’. Each activity was explained by science teachers and pupils were selected on voluntary basis. Activities on ‘Accidental Discoveries’ were organized for each Grade during lesson times and ‘Lunch time challenges’ have been scheduled each day for the selected students. Students from Grade 8 to 10 were chosen to present their research projects at the National Science and Engineering conference at the Royal College of Pathologists. An assembly, marking the end of the week was conducted where all parents were invited to attend. Students took part in science quiz, followed by presentations by the Scientists (Grade 8-10) on their findings. An award ceremony was held to mark the end of the week-long activity and to recognise students’ inventions in Science.

18.03.13 – Day 1

Lunch time challenge:  How to make an electromagnet?


Grade 6B
Yossef Nasser AlMekari
Yaasir Mahdi Mahamuud
Hadi Nawar Al-Naher
Faisal Alardhi

Grade 6G

Judy Hassan Taiba
Aamira Yasin Mohamed
Amina Kamel Seba
Najd Ahmed Almutairi

Our eager Grade 6 scientists arrived promptly to explore the activity assigned to them: How to make an electromagnet? They were very keen and enthusiastic about their mission. The materials were provided for each participant and clear instructions were provided by Miss Athiya Ansari before they started. The participants were given 10 minutes to complete the activity. The person who would get the most pins attracted to their created electromagnet, would be the winner! They were extremely well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Judy Hassan Taiba successfully created two electromagnets with their set up and collected the most pins. The boys tried extremely hard and Hadi Nawar Al-Naher was able to design an electromagnet. The winners of the challenge were Judy and Hadi Nawar Al-Naher. The winners were awarded with a medal and goodies by the Head of Science, Dr. Mahesh Selvaraj.

19.03.13 – Day 2

Trip to Royal College Pathologists

Selected Grade 8-10 students attended the Science and engineering week conference at the Royal College Pathologists with Miss Athiya and Miss Hiba. All students successfully participated and presented their work with confidence and sincerity. The teachers were also actively involved in CPD workshops. It was an enjoyable trip for everyone! The following day, Dr. Mahesh kindly treated the selected students and teachers with lunch for their hard work, dedication and good behaviour. On behalf of all the students, Mohammed Omar gave a speech and expressed his sincere gratitude for the kind help and support provided by the science team all throughout their learning and adventure leading towards the science week.

20.03.13 – Day 3

Morning break: Presentation of simple machines created by Grade 7 girls.

Grade 7 girls created their own simple machines that could be used everyday. The girls successfully presented their work and the Science team was extremely impressed by their creativity and dedication. Of particular interest was the system that could fold clothes and Dr. Mahesh wanted to patent the idea if he was to start a company! The girls would be graded based on their originality, presentation, use of scientific knowledge and creativity.

20.03.13 – Day 3

Lunch time challenge: How to make a paper clip float?


Grade 7B
Ayub Said Seddaoui
Majid Ahmad Almajid
Turki Khalid Al-Saadoun
Abdulrahman Abdulfatah Ekrayem

Grade 7G
Hasna Hassan Boumenar
Zahra Driss Inabi
Eman Salah Rostum
Aisha Abdirazak Mohamed
Grade 7 girls arrived on time all set for their challenge for the afternoon. The boys arrived soon after ready to explore! The materials provided were: tissue paper, pencil, paper clip, tray with water and fairy liquid. Miss Athiya detailed the expectations of the activity and the participants dived in with much enthusiasm as soon as they heard ‘On your marks, get set go……..’ They were given 10 minutes for the challenge. As the clock started ticking away, students were getting more and more ambitious. Abdulrehman was the first to get as close to floating the paper clip, followed by Aiysha. It sounds simple, but it was a very tricky and exciting challenge for students and teachers. The winners of the challenge, Abdulrahman and Aiysha, received a gold medal and goodies from Miss Athiya. Funny enough even the teachers struggled to do it and were able to demonstrate the floating clip for 2 seconds only. However it does work extremely well and have a go at it!

21.03.13 – DAY 4

Lunch time challenge: How to make a wet battery?


Grade 8B and 9B
Homam Nabil Chaban
Mansoor Fahad Almushairi
Saud Abdulaziz Alhendi
Anas Ahmed AlMuraikhi
Mohammed Khalid Aloufi
Mohammad Khalid AlAzmi
Abdullah Mohammed Baqadir

Grade 8G and 9G
Jamila Driss Inabi
Lama Abdullah Alzughaibi
Shrifah Ali Algalgami
Fatima Nawar Al-Naher
Mariam Abdelkader Akdim
Umme Salima Abdul Malik
Amina Mourad Felkaoui

Grade 8 to 9 eager explorers arrived on time and were very excited about the challenge they were given. They were fascinated about the materials that were provided and how they would make a battery. Miss Athiya gave clear instructions to all the students. The students had 10 minutes to comlete the activity. Miss Elani and Miss Hiba gave a little hint but Homam Nabil Chaban and Abdullah Mohammed Baqadir had worked it out soon after. They felt a slight electric charge and the wet battery was made by using copper and non copper coins, lemon juice and tissue. Mariam Akdim was the winner among the girls. It was an absolute delight to watch them work hard and achieve their mission! They even helped to clear up towards the end and were extremely well behaved. The winners were rewarded with a medal and goodies by Mr Mohammed Baba.

22.03.13 – DAY 5


The closing ceremony of the National Science and Engineering week was celebrated whole-heartedly with the Upper students, parents and staff at the Al-Mansoor Hall, KFA. Everyone was eagerly waiting for this moment and there were eyes twinkling with excitement in the audience. The ceremony started with prayers, which was beautifully recited by Moayad Fagihi (6B).

2:00PM – Science quiz!


Red House: Faisal Alaradhi (6B), Asma Ahmed Hassan (7G), Abdullah Joomum (8B), Mariam Akhdim (9G), Yaseen Boumenar (10B).

Green House: Turki Alsaadoun (6B), Aya Nahhas (7G), Mohammed Alaranouti (9G), Azib Noufal (9B), Hareir Al Kassimy (10G).

Yellow House: Judy Taiba (6G), Yusuf Kadri (7B), Judy Taiba (8B), Amina Felkaoui (9G), Mohammed Omar (10B).

Blue House: Rayane Mahmoud Boutaa (6G), Yasmin Ahmad Hussein (7G), Khalaf Alkhalaf (8B), Zainab Abdulfatah Ekrayem (9G), Kais Alkaisi (10B).

The participants took their positions in their designated places to represent their Houses. Miss Athiya and Miss Hiba were the efficient conductors of the quiz and Mr Saf and Miss Azmat kindly judged the quiz. The first round consisted of questions for each houses and the students readily answered all the questions. This was followed by ‘Can you draw?’ round for each house. The house members chose their representative and a question was given to them by Miss Hiba and Miss Athiya. Mohammed Omar from Yellow house drew an amazing diagram of a food chain consisting of four organisms, including their names, types and energy transfer. The quiz was concluded by a rapid fire round, where each team were given twenty seconds to answer as many questions. The participants were outstanding and the winning team was Red House and the runner up was Yellow house. Mr Saf announced the winners and presented the participants of the two teams with a trophy.

To mark the end of the science activity week, a grand presentation with videos was compiled by Mohammed Omar. This highlighted the moments of the lunch time challenges – excitement, fun, frustration, patience, perseverance, curiosity, panic, laughter and joy! Everyone loved the activity week and should encourage more pupils to come forward and take part in such wonderful activities.

2:40 pm – Presentations

Students from Grade 10, who attended the National Science and Engineering conference presented their work to the audience. Mohammed Omar, Azer Mahmood and Kaisi gave an amazing presentation of their science research project – ‘Can disabled people improve their life through sports?’ with clarity and confidence. This was followed by Amina’s, Lama, Alaa and Linah’s presentation of their research project – ‘What you don’t know can kill you?’ The whole school was very proud to have such great scientists amongst us and we wish them all the best for the near future.

3:00pm – The Award Ceremony

The award ceremony was graced by our award presenters: Mr. Mohammed Abdullah, Mr. Alaa, Ms. Elani McDonald, Mr. Mohammed Baba, Ms. Samah Al-Safadi, Ms. Clara Haji and Mrs. Bayan Mahmood. Dr Sumaya was unable to attend the ceremony due to a professional visit but her incredible support and appreciation towards the Science department and education continues to inspire and encourage us. The nominees for different categories were selected by the Science team and the list of nominations and winners for 2013 are included below.

1. IBDP Science Group 4 project was awarded with a trophy by Mr Alaa Saloom (Maths team leader) to Malick ElGmati, Leila Kadri, Maryam Hamdy, Khadija ElGuerbouzi and Mohamed Al-Mekari.

For the next categories, each nominee received a medal in appreciation of their efforts, hard work and commitment for science throughout the year. The winners were presented with a trophy.

2. Nominees for Best Science research project:
Yossef AlMekari – 6B Madawi Alharbi – 6G
Sammy Arab– 7B Eman Rostum – 7G
Yusuf Kadri – 7B Jamila Inabi – 8G
Mohammad AlAzmi – 9B Mariam Akdim – 9G

Winners: Sammy Arab (7B), Mariam Akdim (9G)
From the judging panel:
Sammy produced an exceptional ‘wacky invention’ which showed unique creativity. His presentation skills were beyond expectations.

Mariam has produced excellent writing materials in science which is of a very high standard. She is very outgoing and partakes in every activity assigned to her.
Runner up: Yossef AlMekari (6B), Madawi Alharbi (6G)
Award presenter: Ms. Elani McDonald (MYP Coordinator)

Ahmed AlAzhary – 9B Lama Alanazi – 9G
Abdulmajeed Alobaid – 9B Walaa Alarnaouti – 9G
Adam Mezughi – 10B Najat Baqadir – 10G
Hadi Abbas– 10B Khadeeja Alseiari – 10G

Winners: Adam Mezughi (10B), Walaa Alarnaouti (9G)

From the judging panel:

Walaa Alarnaouti – Her continuous commitment and hard work has enabled Walaa to achieve academic progress in all sciences. She has really impressed the science department with achievements.

Adam Mezughi – This award has been given to Adam for his confidence and hard work that he is putting towards his preparation for the IGCSE.

Award presenter: Ms. Samah Al Safadi (SEN Coordinator)

Walaa Alarnaouti’s mother came on stage to congratulate her daughter for her hard work and progress with flowers. It was a very special moment for all of us.

Abdullah Joomun – 8B Hafsah Aziz – 8G
Azib Naufal Mohd Yusof – 9B Amina Felkaoui – 9G
Mohamed Omar – 10B Khadija Argoub – 10G

Winners: Azib Naufal Mohd Yusof (9B) Khadija Argoub – 10G

From the judging panel:
Khadija is a student that every school is proud of. She is well known and has consistently proven to excel in every field of study.

Azib has proven to be a sincere student this year and this has been reflected through his Science attainment. He has lots of potential and we hope he maintains the same level for next year.

Award presenter: Mr. Mohammed Baba (IBDP Coordinator)

5. Junior SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR (6 & 7 only)
Turki Al-Malki – 6B Maha Alhasan – 6G
Yaasir Mahamuud – 6B Ragad Alroujaib– 6G
Mohammed Alkhalaf – 7B Tasneem Amran– 7G
Yusuf Kadri – 7B Lujeen Alamoudi – 7G

Winners: Yassir Mahamuud(6B), Tasneem Amran (7G)

From the judging panel:
Tasneem Amran – Her confidence and sincerity to Science has improved remarkably. She deserves this award for scientific skills.

Yaasir’s commitment and drive have earned him this award and we are confident that he will persist with his efforts in the coming years.

Award presenter: Ms. Clara Hajji (Deputy Head)

Moayad Fagihi – 6B Amina Seba – 6G
Saleh Alsubaie – 7B Aya Nahhas – 7G
Nawaf Alsubhi – 8B Jamila Inabi – 8G
Hussam AlGhamdi – 9B Zainab Ekrayem – 9G

Winners: Nawaf Alsubhi (8B), Zainab Ekrayem (9G)

From the judging panel:
Zainab Ekrayem – As a former new arrival, Zainab has proven to show consistent improvement and achieve high in her science work. She is a great example to encourage students to improve at school.
Nawaf has shown a genuine interest in his Science studies and has aspired to become an emerging scientist. We all look forward to his contribution towards future science activities.

Award presenter: Ms. Bayan Mahmood (Head of Schools)

Hashim Hassan – IB1 Leila Kadri – IB2
Malick ElGmati – IB2 Khadija Argoub – 10G
Mohamed Omar – 10B Amina Maknine – 10G
Muhammad Rahman – 10B Razan Algazlan – 10G
Azib Naufal Mohd Yusof – 9B Mariam Akdim – 9G

Winners: Mohammed Omar (10B), Amina Maknine (10G)

From the judging panel:
Amina Maknine – A very conscientious and talented student who has excelled and shows heaps of enthusiasm towards every sphere of life. She will move forward to accomplish her goals.

Mohammed Omar – Excellent all rounder, showing lots of initiative and commitment towards learning and achieving high. He is a perfect role model for KFA.

Award presenter: Ms. Bayan Mahmood (Head of Schools)

Mrs Bayan Mahmood graced the occasion with her kind words to the Science department, the Upper school and the parents who attended the ceremony. It was a great success and the Science department would like to thank everyone for attending the ceremony. The Upper students and staff were excellent! We would like to thank the IT department for supporting and helping us all throughout the show. Miss Eleni was an immense support in conducting the ceremony. Last but not the least….. Yuser – 10G & Abdullah Alsaad – IB2 did an amazing job as the Master of the ceremony and Manal (10G) as our award messenger and helper!

Here’s wishing that our students will be encouraged to participate in various activities, conferences and achieve success academically in many more years to come!