MYP on-screen Examination: Extending Enduring Practice

Practice makes perfect. Our trial with on-screen examination on AssessPrep software has convinced us on the benefits of a reliable and authentic summative assessment as a logical and necessary step in assessing our students at the end of a rigorous teaching and learning in  MYP curriculum.

Our experience indicates that adopting the on-screen examination for our MYP grade 10 mock examinations has proved to be a positive and rewarding move. Our students were able to demonstrate critical thinking skills, were able to transfer their learning to new contexts and tasks, and apply their IT skills to good uses across all subjects on the on-screen examinations. It was a real pleasure to observe the ease, confidence, dexterity and flair displayed by them during the trial on-screen mock examination. We could clearly see that the digital age truly belongs to them!

The on-screen examination is part of the MYP eAssessment regulated by the UK Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations regulation). Ofqual is the gateway for assessments that have met strict quality standards in the UK.

Following the success of the on-screen examination at the MYP level, our sight is set on the next step: extending on-screen examination to the KFA-IB Diploma students with effect from the 2018/19 academic year.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of KFA leadership, parents and students for this initiative and the KFA-MYP faculty and the IT team for their foresight and professional acumen.


Mr Mohammed Baba