KFA Science Fair 2019

KFA Science Fair 2019

The Science Department at the King Fahad Academy hosted the ‘KFA Science Fair, 2019’ celebrating British Science week. Our students conducted the Science Fair as scientists. All students have worked extremely hard to organise this event and were excited to share their experience by welcoming all children from both the Upper and Lower School. The KFA Science Fair was held between 9am and 1:00pm at the Science GU Labs, First floor tomorrow, 13th of March 2019.


We look forward to the Science Award Ceremony scheduled on Tuesday 26th March 2019 which is an occasion to celebrate our students achievements in Science.



Thank you for your invitation to the KFA Science Fair 2019, celebrating British Science week. It was with pleasure to attend this event. I was  highly impressed with the student’s performance and the confidence they displayed while presenting their works.

Dr Abdulghani Alharbi, General Director


Thoroughly enjoyed seeing what happened with the dry ice experiments and how the simple use of washing up liquid could make an exciting extra out of the production of gas. A well organised and enjoyable event and those presenting were knowledgeable and welcoming.  An excellent celebration.

Mark Dunning, Director of Education


It is motivating, interesting and admirable to see whole group participation and presentations with confidence and fluency. The skills and knowledge learned from participation will stay forever with these students. These are the true intention of learning; life-long learning. Well done and congratulations.

Bayan Mahmood, Head of Upper School


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