IBDP Year 1 – Group 4 Internal Assessment Presentation

Mr Mohammed Baba (IBDP Coordinator), Dr. Mahesh Selvaraj (Head of Science), Dr. Sharmishtha Chakraborty (Biology teacher), Mrs Hiba Albuhaisi (Physics teacher), Dr. Brotati Veraitch (Chemistry teacher).

On the 20th of September, 2013, the Science Department organized an interactive IBDP Internal Assessment presentation for the new IBDP cohort, 2013. The presentation was started by Mr Baba and Dr. Mahesh Selvaraj to highlight what IBDP internal assessment would entail and in still high expectations in the students and their commitment.

Dr Othman Alzamil (Director of The King Fahad Academy) kindly supported the Science Department with his presence and advice. Mrs Bayan Mahmood (Head of Upper School) supported us all throughout, alongside Mrs Hanan Tawfiq (Form tutor of IBDP-1).

Dr. Sharmishtha explained the importance and commitment required to excel in IBDP internal assessment in science. This incorporates detailed lab reports in all sciences which would be sent for external marking by examiners. Detailed handouts were provided to the students, which included the summary of IBDP internal assessments, marking and grading criteria.

Students were thoroughly engaged throughout the session and were probed with questions in order to create a scientific research problem. Mohammed Omar suggested a research question in Chemistry, followed by Alwaleed in Physics and Mohammed Alghadeer in Biology, to represent the main subject from group 4.

Dr. Alzamil highlighted how students find physics as a problem and Mrs Hiba enabled students to see how they could solve a problem in the research question suggested by Alwaleed and how it could be investigated. Dr Veraitch and Dr Sharmishtha suggested ways of how Omar could extend and write his research question for his scientific investigation.

Mrs Mahmood suggested that students face problems in writing the conclusion and evaluation and extra emphasis should be given by teachers to help students in this area. The style of writing the lab report was explained with examples, so that pupils could have a clear picture of their expectations. Inclusion of errors, such as random uncertainty and systematic errors are crucial to a lab report in IBDP. How a conclusion and evaluation should be written was discussed by all the subject teachers. Students were explained the importance of academic honesty and commitment required in achieving good science levels in IBDP. Dr Sharmishtha stressed that the teachers are always there to help them in any need.

Following this, students were given sample lab reports in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and were asked to be an examiner, where they had to mark the reports according to the criteria provided by IBDP. Students eagerly carry out this activity and realised how an IBDP lab report differs from the IGCSE lab report. The subject teachers acted as facilitators in this activity. Further details on IA criteria would be continued by individual subject teachers during lesson time, to enable the students to produce their own work according to IBDP standards. We would like to thank the IT department for their kind support during this session.

The teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed this session and we wish the new IBDP cohort all the best in the IBDP studies.

Dr. Brotati Veraitch
On behalf of Science Department

Below are some comments from the students;

“IA session was a big help. It gave me an idea on what i need to be doing.
It is nice to know how our reports are marked.”
Yasmina Elsulmani – IB 1st Year

“IA session helped me a lot to understand how the internal assessments work.
I understood how examiners mark and how to produce a good lab report.”
Omina Elmnatthawaa – IB 1st Year

“It was an excellent presentation. We were able to ask questions and communicate with the teachers.
They went through all aspects in detail and how we are supposed to write a lab report.”
Harier Al-Kassimy – IB 1st Year

“We the students learnt many new things which we do not know it as a previous knowledge like writing a proper lab report.
The practise session in marking 3 IA papers in the science subjects according to the IBDP IA criteria was really amazing and it was very helpful.
Thanks to Science Department for arranging such a presentation.”
Alwaleed Adel – IB 1st Year

“It was very informative and easy to understand.
I learnt lot of new things especially aspects of IB criteria which i need to use while writing.”
Mohammed Alghadeer – IB 1st Year

“The presention by Dr. Sharmista, Dr. Veraitch and Mrs. Hiba gave us students the basic understanding of what is required from us to complete our IA at high standards.”
Mohammed Omar – IB 1st Year