Exams & Ramadan hours

Dear Parents,

The Summer Term in all schools contains examinations and end of year assessments.  The arrangements for the King Fahad Academy are as follows:


IBDP Exams Completed on 18th May 2017
GCSE Exams* 15th May to 22nd June 2017
IGCSE Exams* 15th May to 22nd June 2017
End of Year Exams – Grades 6-9 and IB1 5th June to 16th June 2017
IBDP Results published 06th July 2017 at 1pm
IGCSE/GCSE Results published 23rd August 2017 at 9.00am


*As you are aware, IGCSE and GCSE students have been issued with a code which will give them access on their results in August.

Parents are also reminded of the school day arrangements during the Holy Month of Ramadan:

  • School Gates open at 45am
  • School day begins at 9.00am
  • School day ends at 2.00pm [It does not apply to IGCSE Exams; they are expected to remain until the exam session is completed.]

It is likely that Ramadan will begin on the evening of Friday 26th May (but this is not yet confirmed).  School resumes on Tuesday 30th May after the Bank Holiday weekend and the timings mentioned above will apply as of that time.