End of Year Exams

Dear Parents

I hope that every one of our families had a good holiday and enjoyed fantastic Eid celebrations where ever you were in the world.

As I am sure you are aware the end of year examination cycle will begin on June the 24th, lasting for 2 weeks.

The examination schedule will take on two distinct phases. The first phase will begin on the 24th of June with the focus being on Language Acquisition (French/English/Arabic) assessments, which will take place in the students’ normal lessons. In all other examination lessons, the students will be supported with revision work and guidance in order to best prepare them for the written examinations.

The second phase will begin on the 1st of July and will be in the form of a more traditional examination format with the students sitting examinations in the way they will at the end of Grade 10 and the Diploma Programme.

The examinations will be centralised meaning that the whole of each Grade will be sat together. Grades 6-7 will be in the old girls dining room, Grades 8- 9 in Al Manqoor Hall and the Diploma students in a the Community Centre. In any incidence where small groups are being examined, and for some aspects of Language Acquisition, this will take place in the classrooms.

Download Exam schedules:

Grades 6-9 – Exam Schedule

Diploma 1 – Exam Schedule

Yours sincerely,

Stuart McWilliams

(Deputy Headteacher)