Primary Years Programme

Welcome to the IB Primary Years Programme at the KFA.

At The King Fahad Academy we are proud to have been authorised to offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) since September 2011.  The PYP is designed for all children in Pre-K through Grade 5.  The programme focuses on the development of the whole child and includes social, physical, emotional, and cultural development in addition to academic growth.  The programme offered at The King Fahad Academy has significance for all students of all cultures.  Each student has an opportunity to develop an understanding of important concepts and to acquire a range of essential skills which will be beneficial to them throughout adulthood.  The students have the opportunity to explore issues that are of genuine importance in understanding the human condition as well as the world.  The King Fahad Academy fosters positive attitudes and strives to develop the students’ abilities to be internationally-minded.

To view the full Programme of Inquiry (POI) click here.

For more information on the IB Primary Years Programme at the KFA, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hania Farwati – IB PYP Coordinator

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