Middle Years Programme

Welcome to the Middle Years Programme at the KFA.

‘Where are the text books?’; ‘where are the topics?’; ‘which area should I concentrate on, for the end of term examination?’ These were the questions asked relentlessly by parents and students when we first introduced the MYP at the King Fahad Academy, London.

Now into our second year of candidacy status for the MYP, the question from teachers is: ‘whatever happened to these concerns?’ Such is the impact of MYP on not only the interactions between students, and students and teachers, but also on parents as key part of the KFA community. It is increasingly apparent that the KFA community is appreciative of the IB approach to effective teaching and active learning: inquiry, action, reflection, and the place of global engagement in empowering students with essential learning and life skills.

We feel much at ease with the flexibility and rigours of the MYP and the central place of the three MYP fundamental concepts: holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication. We find correlation between the MYP fundamental concepts and our vision and philosophy, to ‘nurture our students holistically, in terms of their intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development through a challenging and balanced curriculum’. We also aim to inculcate in our students, ‘intercultural understanding, compassion and respect, balanced attitude, free from prejudice.

As we strive to join the more than one thousand MYP schools worldwide, putting in place the third of the four IB programmes in the KFA, we take comfort in the professionalism and experience of our teachers to play an active role. We appreciate that experience shapes the best teaching, but reflecting on experience facilitates the best learning, hence the central role of action, awareness and understanding and reflection; the dynamic of learning in MYP classroom interactions.

James Nevin – MYP Coordinator

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