The Arts

Art & Design / Art & Design HL & SL

The Visual Arts course is constructed to give students the chance to practice a wide range of ideas and processes before focusing on an area that they are interested in and feel confident to develop their own cultural identity.

The aim of the course is to engage students productively in their own creative practice, as well as to help them develop their own skills and talents. They should also develop confidence in the use of all materials and gain a professional approach to working methods. Resources are available for work in painting, drawing, mixed media/textiles, architectural/technical drawing.

The course will be studio based and supported by visits to most important galleries and exhibitions in London. Moreover, the meeting with practicing artists and tutors will guarantee that students develop their critical understanding. Through all these the students will also acquire ambition, confidence and success.

As the course progresses students will develop a personal view on the creation and function of art. A practical and analytical approach to the work of artists from different cultures and periods is included in the studio program.

The importance of personal investigation and ideas development in the student’s research workbook will be stressed. Students will build a portfolio of work in different sizes and media, selecting pieces from this for their final exhibition.

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