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Welcome to the IB Diploma Programme at the KFA.

Our experience with the IB at the King Fahad Academy has been exciting, invigorating and worthwhile. Looking back to the history of higher education at the academy, we are even more determined and more convinced that we have made the right choice in adopting the IB programme. The rigorous nature and broadness of the programme ensures that students are well prepared for higher education, better able to take personal responsibility for their learning and acquire essential life skills in an increasingly global community. It is immensely satisfying to note that the IB programme reflects a fundamental approach to education at the King Fahad Academy: commitment to a balanced education.

A possible solution to the changing nature of the world in all facets of life requires a broad curriculum that is better structured to accommodate these changes, hence the adoption of the IB programme at the King Fahad Academy, London.

The King Fahad Academy has been extending the scope and choice of subjects offered at the IB diploma level each year. Our plan is on to introduce some online courses in the near future.

Mohammed Baba – IBDP Coordinator


IBDP Parent/Student Handbook: 

IBDP Parent-Student HandBooK (2019-2021)


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