Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

Creativity, Action, service is a fundamental component of the IB Diploma programme, allowing students to take an active part in the communities in which we live in. CAS is an experiential form of education, enabling students to learn through experience and grow as compassionate and responsible citizens. Students must carry out various vigorous projects in each of the three fields (creativity, action & service) to provide for their personal development and allow them to have meaningful reflections on their activities and outcomes.

The CAS programme is a requirement for the IB Diploma; Students have to keep regular records of activities undertaken, and to write a short evaluation at the end of each project. Ms. Hanan is the current school CAS coordinator responsible for CAS activities completed by IBDP students.

The CAS programme offers the opportunity for students to put themselves in new situations. If a student chooses to teach English to primary school children, to help ESL students, to work in a community-building group, or to grasp the principles of a new language, they will learn more than that activity alone. Students will be given opportunity to record their CAS reflection through multimedia (ManageBac) as well as the more traditional methods of writing and logging.

The King Fahad Academy is proud to present to you all the amazing projects and activities our Diploma students participate in. They are seen are role models to our MYP/PYP pupils and have worked diligently with each other in becoming well-balanced students. Click here to find out more information on the school’s current IB cohort and what CAS means to them.


  • Co-curricular activities
  • Computer Programming club
  • Global Money Week
  • Newsletters (internal)
  • Fashion Shows (Girls’ only)
  • Safe Drive Stay Alive


  • Varied sports programme e.g. basketball, volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Football training
  • Sponsored walks e.g. for Cancer Research
  • KFA Fitness Centre


  • Special Needs Training
  • Primary school (Reading)
  • Kalvi Foundation Fund raising
  • Cancer Awareness Week
  • Library Induction Programme
  • Global schools network
  • International Day at KFA
  • Event Planning – Organizing and presenting event to students and prominent guests
  • The Allotment – Gardening
  • Academic Honesty Week

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