Counselling Service

The King Fahad Academy (KFA) is proud to offer a counselling service for all students between Pre-KG and IBDP. This is run by school counsellors who are available throughout term time to help manage the psychological well-being of all students at the KFA. The service also offers staff and parents an opportunity to consult with counsellors with regards to any concerns or guidance relating to students’ welfare, or to manage difficult situations where a student might be concerned.

Counsellors at the service work within the BACP Ethical Framework, in line with the BACP Good Practice Guidance for Counselling in Schools, and with reference to UK laws, to ensure best practice guidelines and procedures are followed.

Counselling provides an opportunity to help explore personal and emotional issues. These issues do not have to be directly related to school performance; anything that is affecting the student’s wellbeing is important and deserves attention. Students can choose to see a counsellor, or may be referred by a parent or teacher.

Students in counselling will be given a space to talk about any worries they may have. These worries might be about their academic future, their studies, their exams, their day-to-day lives, or anything they find important to them. Discussions in counselling are aimed at helping the students understand what is going on for them and will attempt to identify what would help them most; this sometimes takes place alongside play, artwork, questionnaires and similar activities.



The service maintains a strict confidentiality policy and includes strict procedures, where the names of students attending counselling and the date/time of the counselling session will only be shared with the relevant deputy head and head of school for safeguarding reasons, and with the relevant class teacher if they are missing a lesson. All staff adhere to the service’s confidentiality agreement. However, information and details discussed in counselling sessions will not be shared with anyone; general feedback can be given to parents where appropriate.

There may be a few rare exceptions to this confidentiality where a situation may arise that suggests the student presents as a risk of harm to themselves or others, or where Acts and laws in the UK precede any confidentiality. Further details are available in the school’s Counselling Service Policy available online.


Other services offered:
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As well as providing one-to-one/group counselling, the service may also conduct workshops to improve the wellbeing of the students in the academy. These may include anti-bullying, managing emotions, stress management, study skills and time management workshops for example. Such workshops aim to equip students with valuable skills and knowledge, as well as supporting the PSHE curriculum and the building of IB Transdisciplinary/ATL Skills.

If you have any queries or would like to arrange an appointment to speak with the counsellor please contact the relevant individual directly on: –


School Counsellor: Dr Jeanette Hennigan DPsych, MSc, BSc (Hons), BACP, BABCP  Accredited (maternity leave cover)

Direct line: 020 8723 4080



School Counsellor: Ms Sulafa Yassin (currently on maternity leave)

Direct line: 020 8723 4080