Careers Guidance

The Upper School Counsellor (Ms Sulafa Yassin) offers individual careers guidance to all students from grade 6 to IBDP to help address the needs of each pupil. Additionally, subject teachers endeavour to link curriculum to careers to allow our pupils to understand the implications of what they are learning to the ‘real world’.  We also offer a Careers and Self-development Programme to students in grades 9 to IDBP 2, which includes workshops to help inform students about the opportunities available after MYP/DP, assistance with their applications, writing CVs, cover letters or personal statements. Self-development workshops address IB ATL skills including communication and self-management sessions.

At IBDP level, students are encouraged and supported to gain work experience both internally and externally to allow them to gain first-hand experience with employers and employees. Such experiences also contribute to their CAS hours, help improve their ATL self-management, social and communication skills, build their CV portfolio and can go towards their university application profile. Students are duly encouraged and supported to attend open days at further and higher education institutions.

Students can arrange appointments to speak with the Upper School Counsellor (Ms Sulafa Yassin) or the Diploma Coordinator (Mr Mohammed Baba) to discuss their subject and career interests. Guidance is offered on a personal and individual level to help pupils make appropriate and informed career choices.

If you have any queries or would like to arrange an appointment please contact the relevant individual directly on: –


IB MYP/Diploma Coordinator: Mr Mohammed Baba

Direct line: 020 8723 4067



Upper School Counsellor: Ms Sulafa Yassin

Direct line: 020 8723 4080