Our Mission

The KFA aims at providing a bilingual international education with an Islamic ethos to students aged 3 – 18 years.  We are committed to helping all students realise their full potential and become well-balanced, productive citizens who appreciate the multicultural world in which we live.  We employ our skills and expertise to nurture our students holistically, in terms of their intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development through a challenging and balanced curriculum.

Our Vision is for The King Fahad Academy to be an exemplary professional learning community where children reap the benefits of an international, balanced, faith-based education.

Our Philosophy

  • A holistic education which includes the development of skills needed for developing intercultural understanding, compassion and respect.
  • The KFA establishes high standards of excellence for its students and responds appropriately to the needs of those students who have learning challenges.
  • Each student has a unique experience which must be taken into consideration during the teaching process.
  • Developing a balanced attitude, free of prejudice or extreme inclination in the matter of religion.
  • The collaborative effort of parents, teachers and students is essential for an effective education.